Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – September 19, 2016

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture September 19, 2016 |

Northwest Region

Warm weather and drying winds allowed the harvest to continue this past week throughout the Northwest Region.

However, Sunday saw wet weather which has brought harvest to a halt. There were cool overnight conditions Thursday and Friday resulting in light frost throughout the region. There haven’t been any reports of significant damage. Cooler overnight temperatures and heavy morning dews also reduced the available harvest time window.

Crops are advancing with the spring wheat crops 90 to 95% mature and harvest operations occurring, as weather permits, throughout the region. The red spring wheat harvest is 90% complete in the Swan River and Dauphin areas, 80% in Roblin and The Pas. Much of the grain combined over the last week required drying. Yields are variable ranging from 50 to 70 bu/acre. The barley harvest is also underway with 20% of the barley acres combined in the Swan Valley area, and approximately 40% of the barley acres are combined in the Roblin area. Approximately 10% of the oats in the Swan Valley is combined, while 40% is combined in the Roblin area.

Canola continues to develop with most canola in the region mature and much of it swathed. Some straight combining has occurred around the Dauphin area. In Swan Valley 30% of the canola is combined, 50% is combined in the Roblin area and 75 to 80% is swathed in The Pas area with 10% combined. Canola yields are variable with reports of 50 to 65 bu/acre in the Swan Valley. Field pea harvest operations are generally complete. Corn and soybeans remain standing. Some post-harvest fieldwork has taken place, dependant on time and weather conditions.

Good conditions last week allowed for continuing harvest of greenfeed and second cut hay. However, last night’s significant rainfall on the eastern side of the region will halt field operations. Feed samples are indicating variable quality with more poor quality hay than other years. Corn silage harvest is beginning this week in the more advanced fields. Pasture growth has slowed down.