Over 60 Displays Inspire at Harvest & Flower Festival

Submitted by:
Rev Kevin Sprong |

The first harvest and flower festival held at the United Church in Swan River delighted visitors on September 9 through 11, 2016.

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Flower festivals are common in the United Kingdom but something new to the Valley, so when Rev. Dr. Jenny Sprong encouraged people to enter floral or other decorative displays, she had some work convincing possible participants that it was a good idea.

All doubts were swept away when over 60 displays, ranging from very simple to exquisitely beautiful, went on show.

Some were provided by groups within the Valley Churches but several came from Community Organisations, including our Regional Library. All followed inspirational themes provided by the organisers or chosen by those creating the displays.

By means of dried or fresh flowers, vegetables and fruit, along with beautiful decorative accompaniments, many different kinds of displays gave visual expression to the inspirational presentations.

A simple porcelain statuette of an angel along with a delicate pink rose arrangement, reminded us that we are not alone.

Another display featured a small figurine of two children backed up by a strong colourful floral display reminding us that the future is in our children. Still others simply accentuated the Fall Colours and changing seasons. Many more just quietly conveyed their theme in a variety of ways.

A steady stream of visitors was moved by the talent in our Valley and the deep yearning expressed there.

Several of these visitors then shared their delight with others over a cup of coffee, sandwiches and cookies in the Lower Hall. All went home inspired!