Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – May 16, 2016

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development May 16, 2016 |

Northwest Region
Seeding progress was slow in the Northwest Region over the past week primarily due to cold, wet soil conditions.

Soil moisture is adequate in most parts, although there are low areas in some fields that have excessive moisture. Soil temperatures range between 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. There were snow flurries at the end of the week resulting in accumulated snow in the south central part of the region and rainfall was reported throughout the region with amounts varying from 15 to over 37 mm depending on location. Frost occurred throughout the Northwest Region with temperatures varying between minus 2 to minus 7 degrees Celsius.

There was limited field activity over the week, including some harrowing, fertilizer applications, pre-seed herbicide applications, seeding of wheat, silage corn and some canola. Overall, seeding progress in the Northwest Region is estimated to be 40% complete.

Approximately 85% of the wheat crop is seeded while seeding of other crop types is as follows: field peas, flax and fababeans at 20%, silage corn at 5%, and canola and soybeans at 10% complete. Many producers are delaying seeding soybeans and canola until after the middle of the month when soil moisture and temperature might be more suitable for uniform emergence of these crops.

Volunteer plants, including cereals and canola, are evident in many fields. Weed growth including stinkweed, dandelions, hemp nettle, thistle, quackgrass and wild oats is general throughout the area. Insect activity is quiet.

Forage growth slowed down last week with cooler conditions and light frost. Cattle moved to pasture require additional supplementation. Last week’s rainfall and this week’s forecasted warm temperatures will greatly improve forage growth.