The Great Plains: Cabin Fever Concert – April 3, 2016

Submitted by;
St. Andrew’s United Church |

A Cabin Fever Concert
with Saskia & Darrel
The Great Plains

Sun. April 3, 2016 7:00 pm

Presented by St. Andrew’s United Church in Swan River

Tickets $15 per person

Available from:
Church Office: 204-734-3248
Bert & Mary Jenner: 204-734-3782

Cabin Fever is defined as a claustrophobic reaction to being shut in for extended periods of time. The perfect medicine for this ailment is heaping doses of fun and laughter, balanced with a few teary moments of nostalgia and some hearty sing-a-longs. Such remedies are best found at a Great Plains concert where Saskia & Darrel will entertain you with an evening of music, stories, humor, and friendship guaranteed you’ll go home with a lighter step and a full heart. No prescription necessary.

Great Plains are no strangers to Manitoba and are a veteran touring act; with an easy crowd-friendly style that instantly endears them to any audience. This is true Canadiana; real songs, drenched in our culture and heritage delivered in comfortably highly skilled sets with oodles of self-poking humor. A taste of Celtic, a dab of Bluegrass, and a touch of Gospel all wrapped around extremely beautiful melodies.

They perform throughout all of Canada and Western Europe and have cultivated an immense following … winning over their fans one town, one hall at a time.