Swan River RCMP Stop 11 Year Old Driver

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Swan River RCMP reported an unusual situation while setting up for a recent checkstop. A vehicle was stopped for driving without adequate lighting and an 11 year old was found driving the vehicle, with another 11 year old as a passenger.

RCMP have dealt with the situation.

So far during this holiday season, the Swan RCMP have held 9 checkstops the Swan Valley resulting in 260 vehicles being checked and 3 charges of blood alcohol content over 0.08%.

Last year in Manitoba, 29 people lost their lives in 28 collisions caused by impaired drivers. 29 families went through the most difficult time of their lives as a direct result of those drivers who chose to drive while intoxicated. All these tragedies were completely preventable.

Drivers are reminded to make the smart decision before getting behind the wheel and to keep in mind the safety of everyone else on the road.