A Unique Experience at Live Nativity in Swan River

Submitted by:
Karen Peters |

Almost 900 were privileged to attend and take part in the Live Nativity at the Swan Valley Museum on Saturday, December 12, 2015.

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As you walked into the building, the census people were there to count you in and immediately you came upon a bustling Bethlehem market!

The booths were welcoming and there were many samples of foods, sounds and characters that you might have met up with in Bethlehem on that night.

As you made your way around the market, the Inn beckoned you to experience just a taste of the wonder that happened when Jesus Christ was born in a lowly stable so many years ago.

The angels proclaimed the exciting news and Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were portrayed, together with the wise men & shepherds; live animals were also a part of the scene. Thank you to everyone who came out, a truly unique experience!

The event was initiated by Durban Covenant Church together with other churches and many volunteers from the community!