Moose Hunting Closures in Porcupine & Duck Mountains

Province of Manitoba Media Release |

Effective immediately, moose hunting is closed to all hunters in the area north of Porcupine Mountain in the Red Deer Lake area of Game Hunting Area (GHA) 12. A ban continues to be in place for all licensed hunting in this area, which was put in place last year. Moose hunting is now also closed to licensed hunters in GHA 19A, east of Duck Mountain.

The moose population in GHA 12 has been declining and the ban is necessary to help the population recover. The animals will be closely monitored and hunting restrictions may be lifted if the population grows to an acceptable level.

Signs to notify hunters of the closure are posted around the boundary of each GHA. Hunters are reminded of the temporary closure of all moose hunting in and around the Duck Mountain, Porcupine Mountain and the Swan-Pelican areas of west-central Manitoba. This closure includes hunting by treaty and Aboriginal rights holders in the following GHAs:

* 18, 18A, 18B, 18C (Duck Mountain area);
* 14, 14A (Swan-Pelican area); and
* 13, 13A (Porcupine Mountain area).

The Manitoba government will continue to work with First Nations, Métis and stakeholders to address all factors contributing to moose population declines. This includes the continuation of wolf management programs in these areas, as wolves are a significant predator of moose. The program also includes:

* a $250 incentive to trappers on registered trap-lines in these areas who harvest a wolf between Oct. 14 to March 31, 2015, and provide tissue samples;
* wolf-trapping workshops in Duck Mountain, eastern Manitoba and The Pas; and
* aerial surveys to determine the wolf population and pack sizes.

More information on the moose hunting closure and the wolf management program can be found at: