Town of Swan River Minutes – August 19, 2014

The Council of the Town of Swan River met on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers with Mayor McKenzie presiding and Councilor’s, Whyte, Friesen, Sakal, Bobick , Jacboson present. Councilor Delaurier absent.

Conditional Use Hearing:

The Conditional Use Hearing was called to order by Mayor McKenzie who advised that the purpose of the hearing was to hear representation for or against the following:
Conditional Use Application No. 3/2014 to allow the current owners to continue operating a horse boarding facility at N.E. ½ 16-36-27 WPM.
There being no persons present that wish to speak the Mayor adjourned the hearing.

R.C.M.P. Staff Sargent McKay discussed the break-ins which have been happening within the town.

1. RESOLVED that the Agenda of the August 19th, 2014 regular meeting of Council be received.

2. RESOLVED that the minutes for the August 5th, 2014 regular meeting of Council be adopted as received.

3. RESOLVED that the Application for Conditional Use No. 3/2014 by Jim and Rick Reich to allow the current owners to continue to operate the existing horse boarding facility in a “AUR” Agricultural Urban Reserve Zone until such time as the land changes ownership be hereby approved.

4. RESOLVED that the July, 2014 R.C.M.P. Report be received.

5. RESOLVED that By-Law No.9/2014 being a By-law of the Town of Swan River to regulate building within the Town be read a first time.

6. RESOLVED that Council accept the Audit Proposal of Pacak Kowal Hardie & Company for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 as per their letter dated July 30, 2014.

7. RESOLVED that the Handi Van Report July, 2014 be received.

8. RESOLVED that the following Building Permit Applications be received:
29/14 – 123 Valley Rd – Sign
30/14 – 1500-3rd St N – Office Building
31/14 – 505 Centennial Dr S – Shop
32/14 – 420 11th Ave S – Fence
33/14 – 1311 1st St N – Weeping Tile
34/14 – 301 9th Ave S – Deck
35/14 – 306 13th Ave S – House & Garage
36/14 – 304 12th Ave S – Fire Pit
37/14 – 221 5th Ave S – Fence

9. RESOLVED that the accounts as follows be hereby approved for payment:
(1) General accounts from Cheque No.15415 to No. 15491 for a total of $420,159.54
(2) Payroll Account from Cheque No. 3377 to 3386 for a total of $108,869.90.

10. RESOLVED that the Financial Statement for the month ended July 31st, 2014 be adopted as received.

11. RESOLVED that the following False Alarm Fee be added to taxes.
Roll #244200.000 Inv #9246

12. RESOLVED that the Building Inspector’s Report for July 2014 be received.

13. RESOLVED that Council authorize three members of the Communities in Bloom Committee to attend the Provincial Conference in Dauphin, MB on September 5th & 6th, 2014 with mileage, registration and lodging being paid by the Town of Swan River.

14. RESOVLED that, pursuant to Section 152(3) of The Municipal Act, Council go into Committee and close the meeting to the public.

15. RESOLVED that pursuant to Section 152(4) of The Municipal Act this meeting be reopened to the public.

16. RESOLVED that this regular Meeting of Council now adjourn.