St. Andrew`s United Church Rodeo Luncheon

Submitted by:
Jayne Leadbeater

This is the fifth year St. Andrew`s United Church has offered a venue for the many Rodeo Parade spectators to eat & socialize after the Parade. Another busy & successful Rodeo Lunch was held.

St. Andrew`s United Church appreciates all those who helped and attended our annual event.

A lot of effort goes into the preparation and setup for the lunch.

From bagging all the dessert treats Thursday night (above) to putting the final touches on the tables (right).

Pictured right are Joy Wenstob, Rev. Dr. Jenny Sprong, Lucile Neufeld, Tracy & Aiden Maksymchuk

The Chefs, Harold Proppe, Bert Jenner, Eric Neufeld cooking all those hamburgers on the huge grill belonging to the Valley LionsCooking all those hamburgers require shifts, as one`s glasses end up spattered, and after some time, the smoke from the grill eventually stings the eyes.

Paul Freed & Ron Zlotoff, extreme left & right, offer to help Bert Jenner & Eric Neufeld (middle left & right)