Lady Gaga Sings For Matt Peters

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Tyler Carr had been waiting over 6 years to see Lady Gaga in concert but he never expected he would be able to share the experience in such a personal way with his best friend Matt Peters, who passed away from cancer on March 26, 2014.

Tyler, who grew up in Swan River with Matt, attended the concert in Calgary on May 25, 2014. Tyler had written a letter to Lady Gaga expressing his thanks for her music as it helped him through the hard times of losing Matt and created a special memory of how he and Matt would sing her song, “Hair” together. He threw the letter on stage along with items from many other fans and was thrilled when she picked up his letter and read it, in tears, to the entire Scotiabank Saddledome venue.

Lady Gaga then surprised Tyler further by inviting him back stage following the show and performed the song “Hair” on stage, in memory of Matt.

Tyler describes the emotional experience as, “The best day of my life.”

Click Play below to listen to Lady Gaga read Tyler’s letter and sing for Matt.