Swan Valley Community Band 20th Annual Spring Concert

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Jayne G. Leadbeater

The Swan Valley Community Band annual Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 was well attended with over 80 people in attendance, with some having to stand.

Above: Barb Beadle — we have a really good time.
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The Swan Valley Community Band performed under the Direction of Julie Kooistra with Guest Conductors Martyn Snell and Glenda Turton. Julie & Martyn were past SVRSS Band Directors, Glenda is the current one. The other Band Directors in our current group are Suzanne Van Baarsel (Bowsman), Brenna Smith (Birch River), Dave McGarry (ESRSS).

This is the 20th Spring Concert for the Swan Valley Community Band.

Julie Kooistra decided she wanted to start a Community Band in 1994. If it wasn’t for her, this would NOT be happening.

Swan Valley Community Band 2013-2014 sporting the new Shirts, with past members Evelyn Bredin, Pat Norman, Leigh Hunt, Mandy Nesbitt.

Front Row: (Clarinets): Addy Oberlin, Alicia Friesen, Linda McCrea, Donna Jorundson, Brenna Smith (Flutes): Christina Danyluk, Karen Kosolowski, Suzanne Van Baarsel

Second Row: (Trumpets): Brian Percheson, Kim Kosokowski, David Gnida, Rick Houle (French Horns): Tammy Thiessen, Brenda Hunt, Julie Kooistra (Tenor Sax): Lorraine Malcom (Alto Sax): Laura May, Brian Dormer

3rd Row: (Baritone Sax): David McGarry (Tuba)—Rob Nesbitt, (Baritone)—Jamie Ayers, (Trombones): Glenda Horochuk, Glenda Turton, Jayne Leadbeater

Back Row: (Percussion) Barb Beadle, Martyn Snell (and Bass Guitar), Val Petalik, Phyl Friesen; Cindy Bobick

Missing: Bev Leach (Clarinet), Tara Stephen (Flute)

The Quartet “TARNISHED BRASS” performing “CUBE 1, 2, 3…”, SECOND SELECTION –“Londonderry Air” featuring each instrument. Trumpet-David Gnida, French Horn-Julie Kooistra, Trombone-Jayne Leadbeater, Tuba-Jamie Ayers

In 20 years there have been lots more members that have joined, and had to leave us. They are: Judy Whyte, Matt Milroy, Corp. Kim McNeil, Michelle Barteski, Michele Marshall, Rhodel Ferriss, D.J. Oakes-Munro, Chris Wai, Carla Firomski, Lisle Edmunds, Ward Kay, Rob Buchanan, Ryan Barnett, T.J. McCrea, Shirl Christian, Amanda Hunt, Gillian Hunt, Hannah Hunt, Kirsten Carter, Danya Gnida, Chris Chmelowski, Maire Anderson-McLean, Rev. Herb Radke, Kevin Jones, Chelle Jones, Kevin Salmi, Sarah Salmi, Jennifer Dahl, Tammy Zaretsky-Denischuk, Leah Miller, Mark Matejka, Jessica Andres, Janelle Delqurier, Christine Tollenaar, Michaila Jersak, Danielle Jersak, Stephanie Jersak, Leanne Kalinowich, Austin Kooistra, Lee Adams, Gwynn Ketel, Crystal Ketel, Jack Ketel, David Ketel, Robert Ketel, Sid Ketel, Kyle Ketel, Cathleen Calrow, Michael Hrabarchuk, Bernie Scheurer, Justin Kowalevsky, Anna-Marie Weslowski, Donald Hart, Michael Rawluk, Elizabeth Rawluk, Allyson Brown, Theron Matthews, Ty Carr, Kyle Popoff, Dieneke Spronk, Amy Redlick, Carter Kooistra, Joe Eichler, Maureen Bowles, Stephanie Burnett,Teresa Danyluk, Norman Pornoy, Kirsten Eggie, Torrie Eggie, Val Barkman, Kaylee Grauman, Shauna Cone, Brendon Sterma, Josh Sloane, Mike Thelander, Shelley Cotten, Gordon Lincoln, Alesha Popoff, Amanda Martin, Kirsten Landen, Tanner Kooistra, Linda Carpentier, Adrian Lomaszkiewicz, Tyler Johnston, Ward Kay, Karissa Kiebert, Ben Dormer, Sue Landen, Chentelle Hiebert, Mark Nelson, Marissa Whyte, Abra Whyte, Kristen Hrappstead, Darren Kitsch, Rachel Dahl, Andrea McCrea, Darrel Behrmann, Melissa Lausman, Bayne Balchen, Mark Kohan, Susan Hunt, Lindsey Edmunds, Nicole Bertram, Sylvie Marier, Armand Lowe, Pam Peterson, Diane Fontaine, Brittany Pierrepont, Kim Leslie, Suzanne Budlong, Chris Budlong, Ashley Bertram, Celeste Lowe, Shannon Bresky, Andrea Bredin, Paulette Namaka, JoAnn Teach, Joy Wolters, Christine Read, Tamara Filuk, Ernie Fuhr, Brant Bobby, Krista Mosiondz, Nicole Soloway, Lisa Quon, Robin Christian, Sandy Ghazouly, Merle Dvorak, Debbie Parker, Lisa Wiebe, Brenda Wiebe, Sara Ludrigan, Matthew Snell, Sandra Wray, Marsha Bertram, Donna Mae Riddell, Daphne Kopecky, Jennifer Webster, Shayne Olson, Karen Gade, Lorne Chapple, Carmel Trevellyan, Bonnie Lumax, Evelyn Bredin, Pat Norman, Leigh Hunt, Mandy Nesbitt and Larry Hames (who passed away). This is a total 147 past band members.

Junior High School & Swan Valley Regional Secondary School Band students joined us, as well. The Band Directors had recruited many students to our Community Band. And, those Directors have been very involved with our organization, realizing the benefit of a place to participate after you graduate. Our membership fluctuates between 30 and 35, yearly.

Our Community Band has had different groups within it, namely:
The Faithful Five—5 faithful members who got together to practice & formed a group playing jazz, stage band music—two Trumpets, Trombone, Piano, Clarinet.
From the Top—this group evolved from the The Faithful Five when the numbers grew.
Valley Brass—Quintet playing Canadian Brass type music—two Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba
The Tarnished Brass–evolved from the Valley Brass
Take 5 Sax—quintet of Saxophones—alto, tenor, baritone

Our members range from early twenties to possible 80”s. No one has ever been brave enough to ask “How old are You?” We do know how old our Director is, though! All walks of life participate in our group. We LOVE music. That is the bond between us, developing many friendships.

We welcome anyone to join us. We are always happy to see new faces, even some of those we have seen in the past. If you think you are too rusty, that does not matter, it is like riding a bike. It all comes back to you!