Teen Challenge Shares Stories of Hope & Healing

Submitted by:
Linda Carpentier,
Chris Staniland

Members of Teen Challenge visited the Swan Valley on March 22 through 23, 2014. The group performed at the Friendship Centre on Saturday evening
(pictured left).

Teen Challenge men’s outreach group spoke to over 90 men of all ages at a men’s breakfast get together at CBF this past Saturday.

Executive Director of Teen Challenge Central Canada, Steve Paulson, also shared a devotional with the men and spoke more about the program and goals of Teen Challenge.

Several students from Teen Challenge shared their stories which began in despair and destruction and ended in new found hope and healing.

Jules, age 24 and one of the students of Teen Challenge speaks about the joy and healing that he has found and experienced and how Teen Challenge has helped him overcome addiction and renew his life. Jules graduates from the program in about a month and already has full time employment in Winkler. The skills and life changes that he has found through Teen Challenge have helped him become more of the person who he was created to be.

Ryan 29, and the only boy and youngest child of three, shares his story of how he used addictions to drugs and alcohol to gain popularity, acceptance, and to mask a lot of painful experiences that he had been faced with. One of those events was having to keep a close friend stable until paramedics arrived after his friend had tried to take his own life. Ryan’s addictions no longer control him now and he has true joy and real purpose and fulfillment.

The work done through Teen Challenge has brought healing, repentance and restoration to his life. One of those important relationships that has been restored is between Ryan and his dad. Ryan graduates from the Teen Challenge program in about a month and is planning to further explore his calling into youth ministry to help lead and guide kids.”