Swan River Playground Program 2013

Submitted by:
Stephanie Burnett

This year the Playground Program went really well. Overall it was a successful summer.

In the 6 weeks the program ran we had a total of 279 kids participate in the program.

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The themes for those six weeks were, Animals, Countries (Brazil, England, China, Egypt and Canada), Dinosaurs, Rock Stars, Monsters, and Wild West.

With those themes the games and crafts were all surrounded by those where we made paper plate animals, British flags, dinosaur feet, monster slime and blob monsters, and in the end we all designed our own t-shirts which turned out really well.

Throughout the summer there was swimming, different snacks and a lot of fun was had by both the kids and the leaders, Stephanie Burnett and Keira Fullerton.

The kids all enjoyed themselves and couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen the next day. Weather held up for us on most days and when it didn’t we were in Taylor School Gym playing games. Many favorites were octopus tag, kick ball, and rock and fall tag.

Overall the summer went great! Can’t wait to see what happens next year!