Swan Valley Stock Car Club June 15, 2013 Race Recap

Submitted by:
Tanya Chernyk

Pictures and Race Results from the Swan Valley Stock Car Club Season Opener Races and Mud Bog held Saturday, June 15, 2013.

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4 Cylinder 1st Heat 2nd Heat Feature Race
1st Place Cory Chernyk Denise Bednarski Denise Bednarski
2nd Place Carey Harris Cory Chernyk Cory Chernyk
3rd Place Denise Bednarski Carey Harris Steve Bednarski
8 Cylinder 1st Heat 2nd Heat Feature Race
1st Place Brian Vandepoele Brian Vandepoele Brian Vandepoele
2nd Place Mark Maga Mark Maga Dayne Vessey
3rd Place Dayne Vessey Dayne Vessey Mark Maga

4 Cylinder Mechanics 8 Cylinder Mechanics
1st Place Donny Lumax 1st Place George Lumax
2nd Place Tammy Forsachuk 2nd Place Steve Bednarski
3rd Place Tanya Chernyk 3rd Place Robert Vessey
4 Cylinder Ladies/Novice 8 Cylinder Ladies/Novice
1st Place Conner Blosha 1st Place Haley Vessey
2nd Place Dylan Chernyk 2nd Place Devlin Vandepoele
3rd Place Jaime Bertram 3rd Place


1st Place Brett Hutman
2nd Place Jason Kereluik
3rd Place Devin Gorski
4th Place Devlin Vandepoele

Side x Sides
1st Place Damian Chernyk
2nd Place Dylan Munro

1st Place Chris Meadows
2nd Place Reid Cober
3rd Place Jaime Bertram
4th Place Ryan Madill