History, Achievement, Adventure at Human Library

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Maureen Bowles |

On March 21, 22, and 23rd the North West Regional Library hosted a very successful “Human Library Event”.

This is an initiative in which people called, “Readers” who want to learn about a specific topic “check out” people called “Human Books” for a half hour of conversation in the library.

The volunteer books were:

Meredith Salama: Spinning
Doug Hinchliffe: Royal Canadian Navy
Gordon Lincoln: Trumphets Anyone
Addy Oberlin: Child in Wartime Holland
Martyn Snell: A Life of Music
Murray Parsons: Burrows Lumber Mill
Rosann Wowchuk: Women in Politics
Wayne Pariesien: Peacekeeper-Cypress and Egypt
Dale Wiebach: Cancer Survivor
Fred Sigurdson: Evolution of a Town
Gordon Hornbeck: Nahanni River Solo Canoe trip

The stories were interesting and informative and the community support throughout the 3 days was amazing. Many citizens and three school classes enjoyed visiting with these “Books”.

Real stories, involving real people living in our Valley.


Get to know your neighbours!!