Mature Driver Workshop Provides Useful Insight

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Beverley Leach |

Thirty-seven participants attended the very informative Mature Driver Workshop which took place in Swan River on March 7, 2013.

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Susan Everton, instructor with Safety Services Manitoba, gave an excellent presentation designed to refresh the ‘rules of the road’, issues involved with seniors’ driving and the changes involved as we age. She was also prepared to answer any driving related questions.

Susan answered specific questions raised by individuals following the presentation.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of having Susan return to conduct individual driving evaluations for anyone who would like to have their driving skills tested in a one on one private session.

If you are interested in taking part or for more information, please contact Kay at 734-5707.

Susan Everton, presenter, Resource Coordinator Kay Markle, Helen Russell and Doreen Windsor, board members of Services to Seniors, felt that the Workshop was very successful.