Feast, Fiddles and Dancing at Legion Club Room

Submitted by:
Les Rosteski

A delicious supper of roast stuffed pork loin was served by Reg Jacobson and staff to sixty people at the Legion Club Room on February 16, 2013.

The fiddle contest followed:

Thank you to all the competitors,
a big thank you to the judges
George Woodley and Sandy McKay.

Thank you Glen Roberts for organizing the event, Phil Friesen for the bookwork.

Novice: Nathan Muir

Junior: Tiara Davy, Morgan Cryderman

Senior: Brad Slepicka, Nick Lapsiuk, Linda Gilchrist, Nick Bobick

The dance floor was opened up, all the fiddlers played a few tunes. The evening was closed out with dancing to open mike performers, backed up by the band Country Sound.

Country Sound:

Natalie Sopotyk,
Brad Slepicka,
Walter Mychalchuk,
Harvey Bourgeois,
Les Rosteski