Timbits Black Team Wins Ice Cap Cup

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Angela Mullin |

Swan River Timbits Black team played in Dauphin on Dec 15th & 16th, 2012
the kids were excited as this was their 1st tournament this year.

Front Row – Ryzlie Nepinak, Christian Hart, Jackson Badowski, Kai
Gorchynski, Drayson Davy, Chrystal Zamzow
Middle Row – Noah Weir, Shayden Anderson, BRady Burghart, Landon
Stevens, Cadence Quill, Dax Mullin, Comrie Quill, Sebastian Stevens
Coaches – Chad Badowski, Darren Mullin, Jay Gorchynski

Goals were set by one young player, he wanted to make a pass, receive
a pass, deak out a player,and assist a goal. He achieve this and more
by the end of the 1st game. The kids played 3 games on Saturday
winning all three by scores of 8-5, 11-1 and the 3rd game by shoot

Sat morning the kids played for and won the Ice Cap Cup!