Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – August 13, 2012

Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives GO Teams & Crops Knowledge Centre
August 13, 2012 |

Northwest Region

The Northwest Region had seasonal temperatures and general good drying conditions, with the exception of 22 mm of precipitation in the Swan River area.

Winter wheat, fall rye and pea harvest is well advanced in the Ste. Rose and Dauphin areas with above average yields and good quality. Some spring wheat was combined in the southern areas. Pre-harvest desiccation and swathing of red spring wheat is general in most of the Northwest Region. The majority of canola is reaching maturity and 5 to 10% is swathed. Yield of canola is expected to be impacted by aster yellows and increasing evidence of sclerotinia. Silage corn, hemp and soybean crops continue to develop well in favourable conditions. As a result of higher seasonal moisture levels, overall crop yield and quality potentials are expected to be lower in the northern areas of the Region.

Favourable weather and field conditions allowed greenfeed and native haying operations to continue. Much of the greenfeed and native hay yields are average, however, are reduced in those areas having excess moisture issues. Second cut in forages is continuing with good quality and yields. With wheat combining under way, straw is being baled and collected in good condition.