Kids Enjoy Avalanche Ranch Day Camp

Submitted by:
Lorna Rivett

The 2012 Avalanche Ranch day camp for children aged 6-12 ran Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 3. This was our third annual day camp and, although the numbers were low this year, there was an average attendance of 16 kids.

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Avalanche Ranch Day Camp was a lot of fun as each day the campers visited BodyWorx Labratory in an attempt to help Doc discover what was wrong with Nicky the Sicky. The campers discovered that all the areas in Nicky’s physical body were working properly, her skeleton, eyes, ears and heart. However her spiritual body needed some work.

The campers enjoyed songs, games, crafts and snack time.

There were 4 members on the Devoted Ministries team that came to run the camp, along with 4 local volunteers. There were also local ladies from the Pentecostal Tabernacle that helped provide the snacks for the kids.

The camp is a pre-cursor to the BG Club that is run from the same facility from late September til the end of April. By having the camp, interest is built for the fall program that runs Wednesdays after school.

Watch for next years camp starting the Monday after rodeo.