Northwest Roundup Grandstand Excitement

ValleyBiz Story | The Grandstand was the place to be this weekend with 4 days of racing, roping, bucking, heavy horse pulling action.

From fast and furious rodeo events to adrenaline pumping chariot and chuckwagon races, there was never a dull moment.

The grandstand was packed with clapping, cheering, whistling fans showing their appreciation for all of the rodeo atheltes.

Click any of the pictures in our gallery to see a larger version.

Pony Chuckwagon Races

Chariot Races

Bareback & Sadddle Bronc

Tie Down Roping

Steer Wrestling

Ladies Barrel Racing

Team Roping

Bull Riding

Heavy Horse Pull

Specialty Act – Duane Reichert with his horse, Little Richie

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