Town of Swan River Minutes – July 19, 2011

The Council of the Town of Swan River met on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers with Mayor McKenzie presiding and Councillors Bobick, Friesen, Scales, Jacobson, Sakal and Delaurier present.

Re-Zoning Hearing:

Re-Zoning Hearing was called to order by Mayor McKenzie who advised that the purpose of the hearing was to hear representation for or against the following application:

Application by the Swan River Valley Agricultural Society to rezone Lot 1, Special Plan 3206 located at 205 – 13th Ave N in Swan River, Manitoba from “RS-6” Residential Single Family Zone to “OR” Open Space Recreational Zone to allow for overflow parking during Exhibition and special events. Johnathon Fleming of 1312 – 1 St. N was present and advised Council that he was concerned that if rezoned and the lot was used as a parking lot it would lower the value of his property and may encourage more people to linger in that area.

Margaret Romak was also present and advised that she had no objection to the rezoning.

There being no other persons present who wished to speak at the hearing the Re-Zoning Hearing was adjourned.


1. RESOLVED that the minutes of the June 21st, 2011 regular meeting and the July 11th, 2011 special meeting of Council be adopted as received.

2. RESOLVED that the Agenda for the July 19th, 2011 meeting of Council be received.

3. RESOLVED that By-Law No. 5/2011 being a By-Law of the Town of Swan River to amend the Town of Swan River Zoning By-Law No. 9/2004 reclassifying Lot 1 of Special Plan 3206 DLTO from “RS-6” Residential Single Family Zone to “OR” Open Space/Recreational Zone be read a second time.

4. WHEREAS Manitoba municipalities are struggling to meet a growing list of challenges and responsibilities, including health care, affordable housing and infrastructure;
AND WHEREAS the most pressing of these is a growing backlog of infrastructure in need of repair and replacement, including street and roads; deteriorating bridges and public facilities such as arenas and community centers;
AND WHEREAS Manitoba’s municipal infrastructure deficit has been estimated at more than $11 billion, or $10,000 per resident, which is beyond the capacity of municipal governments and local property taxpayers;
AND WHEREAS the Town of Swan River is experiencing a rapidly growing deterioration of our municipal infrastructure being mainly roads, streets and sewage lagoon;
AND WHEREAS this infrastructure deficit has serious consequences for the quality of life of our residents and the economic well being of our community and province;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Swan River council calls on all parties in the October 4th provincial election to put communities first and commit to allocating additional provincial resources to repairing and upgrading municipal infrastructure.

5. RESOLVED that the June, 2011 R.C.M.P. Reports be received.

6. RESOLVED that Home Hardware be authorized to block off two parking spots on Main Street in front of their business on July 21st, 2011 fro 9 am to 10 am for their Grand Opening Ceremony and on July 22nd and 23rd, 2011 from 11 am to 2 pm for the rugby teams barbecue.

7. RESOLVED that the 2009 Audited Financial Statement for the Town of Swan River and prepared by Pacak Kowal Hardie & Company be received.

8. RESOLVED that the Superintendent of Works and Building Inspection Reports be received.

9. RESOLVED that the following Building permit Applications be received:
42/11 1 Parkdale Dr Detached Garage
43/11 503 Duncan Cresc Fence
44/11 1496 3rd St N Wooden Shed
45/11 1419 Main St Re-Image Upgrade

10. RESOLVED that the 2010/2011 Audited Financial Statement for the Swan Lake Water Conservation District and the 2011/2012 Budget be received.

11. RESOLVED that the assessment alterations as listed by Manitoba Local Government Assessment Services dated July 14th, 2011, be made to the 2011 Tax Roll under authority of Section 300(6) and 326 of the Municipal Act.

12. RESOLVED that the Handi Van Report for June 2011 be received.

13. RESOLVED that Resolution No. 16 dated May 17th, 2011 which read:
“Resolved that the Swan Valley Historical Museum’s Audited Financial Statement for 2010 be received.”
AND WHEREAS the Financial Statement had in fact not been audited and therefore the resolution and the May 17th, 2011 minutes be amended to read:
“Resolved that the Swan Valley Historical Museum’s Financial Statement for 2010 be received.

14. RESOLVED that the accounts as follows be hereby approved for payment:

(1) General Accounts from Cheque No. 9875 to No. 10032 for a total of $446,098.66.
(2) Payroll Account from Cheque No. 2659 to No. 2670 for a total of $102,749.25.

15. RESOLVED that, pursuant to Section 152(3) of The Municipal Act, Council go into Committee and close the meeting to the public.

16. RESOLVED that, pursuant to Section 152(4) of The Municipal Act, this meeting be re-opened to the public.

17. RESOLVED that this Council Meeting now adjourn.