Newest 2740 Club Members – Hero Club

Submitted by: Wayne Grier | For their thoughtfulness and sense of Community Pride, the Swan Valley Chamber of Commerce has awarded Volunteers of the Month, April 2011, to the Hero Club. Entirely on their own initiative(since 2006), the Hero Club has walked Main Street in Swan River in late April (in conjunction with Earth Day) and physically picked up all of the garbage. This shows not only great leadership in these individuals, but also serves to remind us all of the Wonderful Community that we are all a part of. To  the Hero Club Members that took part, thanks from all us !!
In appreciation of the Hero Club’s contribution to beautification of Swan River’s downtown area, the Town of Swan River, the Swan Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Swan Valley Action Committee have jointly purchased a 2740 Club Membership in the name of the Hero Club for their hard work in Cleaning up Main Street, April, 2011. Thanks for your unsolicited initiative, we all are proud of your membership’s Community Pride. Your Membership in the 2740 Club will help raise funds for the Construction of the new Swan Valley Recreation & Wellness Centre. This new centre will be a wonderful addition to our Community and you have helped make it happen!